Whilst listening to Emma Chamberlains latest podcast episode, she spoke about how every so often she loves to completely re-invent herself, which is something I can entirely relate to right now. I’m currently in one of those periods of transformation, which is why this collaboration with Femme Luxe couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. I took the plunge and cut 8 inches of my hair last week and finally bleached it all blonde (Draco Malfoy style!). It really is crazy how much a drastic hair change, lash extensions and fresh set of nails can make you feel like a brand new person. 

Femme Luxe have swooped in at the perfect time to help me take it a step further and add a few new pieces to my wardrobe to give it a little re-vamp too. I kindly got the opportunity to pick a few items from their website to share today. You can watch the full YouTube video here where I take you through the whole transformation and show the clothing items on camera. 

The first item, and my favourite of the bunch, is this white pleated long sleeve shirt dress. Pinterest has been flooded with these recently paired with sweaters and tank tops or worn open with a mini dress, so I knew this was an item I couldn’t resist picking up! I sized up and got a size 12, which was the perfect decision as the sleeves are lovely and wide, and the dress is long enough to be worn without anything underneath. The corset style mid means it still hugs my figure at the waist so it doesn’t look as if I’ve snatched one of my Dad’s shirts. I paired it with this Houndstooth knit vest, also found on Femme Luxe, giving the whole look that insta worthy feel. It wasn’t a trend I ever thought I’d hop on as sweater vests are something I previously associated with the grey knit vests I had to wear to primary school, but I couldn’t be more in love with this fit!

The dress is available in sized 6-16. It also can be found in a similar style with the more relaxed fit without the corseted waist detail or in denim. 

Due to an isolation period I couldn’t get out to take photos of the other items so had to make do with the old-school mirror selfies.  The next item is this Brown crop Ribbed two-piece set in size 10. I often debate between a size 8 or 10 when it comes to flares as I like them to be long, and a size 10 was the perfect length in this set. Once again, I was inspired by current Pinterest trends when choosing this item, as you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know how popular brown clothes are at the minute. Brown is the new black! This set really can be dressed up or down. I styled it casually with some chunky trainers and a puffer jacket for a quick trip to the shops but equally could’ve paired it with heels and a faux fur jacket had I been going out-out. It’s a ribbed material but not see-through so you are safe to wear whichever under-wear you please. The only thing I’d recommend is doing your makeup after putting on the top as it’s a tight neckline to squeeze your head through. 

This set is available in sized 6-14 and in a variety of different colours including: green, nude, black and yellow.

Keeping in with the casual but comfy style, I couldn’t resist picking up 2 more pairs of joggers! There are 3 things that make Femme Luxe joggers unmatched to other brands which are: the thick elasticated waistband, the fleece lined inside and the elasticated ankle cuffs. Trust me when I say these are my favourite fit out of all of the other brands of joggers I’ve tried including Bershka, Missguided, Nastygal and Topshop. 

There’s a wide range of colours available in all of your neutral shades but also patterns and bright colours. I kept it simple and picked up the black cuffed joggers in size 10 and the dark green cuffed joggers in size 8. To be completely honest, I don’t see much of a difference between the two sizes but would always size up for maximum comfort. Though both being in the style “Lizzie”, the black joggers didn’t have drawstrings on the waist while the dark green ones did but the fit is exactly the same! 

Alike the co-ord, these can be casually styled with chunky trainers and a simple tee or dressed up for a chic look with chunky jewellery and a sleek mom bun. I can’t wait to be back in the city when the tier systems change in the black joggers with black hoodie, gold jewellery, square framed sunglasses and a drink in hand. 

Once again, thank you to Femme Luxe for sending over these clothes. Be sure to catch the black Friday/ cyber Monday deals while you still can!  

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