I’ve grown up using Avon beauty products. From spritzing myself with Skin So Soft at my school camp when I was young to applying their makeup products now, they have always been little staples in my every day. Looking through an AVON catalogue always seems to have the same excitement as looking through an Argos catalogue before Christmas as a child! 

As you can imagine, I was super excited when an email arrived in my inbox asking me to try out and review Avon’s latest launch: the Lisa Armstrong collection. It was an immediate yes as I’d been following the process of the creation through Lisa’s Instagram, so had already gotten a glimpse of the range and knew it would be something I’d love! She knows a thing or two about makeup, with 20 years experience as an MUA, 13 of which were for Strictly Come Dancing, the home of glitz, glamour and durable looks. Lisa has bundled up this knowledge and created a range of everything you’ll need to create everyday looks or evening glam. Whether you are a pro like herself or just a casual make-up wearer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 

To see the products in action, Lisa has created a chatty, real time IGTV doing a 10-minute full face, showing just how easy the products are to use, even applying many with just her fingers. I’ve been using a few pieces from the collection in a few tutorials over on my YouTube channel as well if you fancy seeing a less professional demo! 

In order of application, the All About The Base priming moisturiser (£15) is as it says: very moisturising. I’ve been using it for a good 3 or 4 weeks along with the rest of the range to give it a thorough test and can confirm it leaves your skin extremely silky, creating a great base for foundation. It’s not a primer that leaves your skin feeling tacky which I personally prefer as I think a well moisturised base makes my foundation look a lot more glowy! 

The powder compacts have got to be my favourite of the collection! I received the Cheat The Heat Bronzing Powder in Sunrise Shimmer (£12) and the Gleam Supreme Highlighter in Sparkle in Pink (£14). If you are a fan of Hoola by Benefit then you’ll love this bronzer as it is a fraction of the price and in a prettier pan. I’ve been sweeping this around my temples and cheekbones to get an instant flush of warmth as if I’ve had a week away in the sun. I’d usually stay clear from any bronzer containing shimmer as the thought of glitter near my cheek bones scares me, however, this is more of a healthy sheen which I love at this time of year! As for the highlighter, I love patting this in to my skin with my ring finger to add a glow back in to my skin after powdering. Even on days where I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll still add a touch of this to give my skin a healthy shine. 

The MATTEiculous and SATINcredible lipsticks, each £12, would make a fantastic Secret Santa gift if you are getting prepared for Christmas gifts. Each shade has a corresponding lip liner (£8) to make creating luscious lips even easier, which you can buy individually or as a set for £15. I particularly love the Matte shades right now as they last well under a facemask, which is now a factor I need to consider when applying any lip product! I received EMZ and CLAREY in the MATTEiculous style, both of which shades are named after Lisa’s closest friends. EMZ is a bold, pink shade which is perfect for an evening look or when you want to inject a pop of colour in to your look. CLAREY is what I’d call a “perfect nude” as it’s a subtle pink shade that will compliment every skin tone. Then in the SATINcredible style, a more creamy and shear finish, I received the shade ZO. It’s a peachy, coral shade that really makes blue eyes pop! 

For the eyes, I’ve been experimenting with the Dazzle Stick Eye Pencils in the shades Perfect storm and Bronzed (£10). Cream eye pencils are incredibly slept on in everyday use! I love these for minimal effort but maximum, creamy colour pay off! I simply glide them across the lid then blend it out in to my crease with a tiny bit of shadow on my brush. Alike the lipstick, the shade Bronzed compliments my blue yes so well, and as for Perfect Storm, I used this on my sister to create a deep purple Smokey eye to compliment her green eyes. Both shades lasted extremely well on top of the P.Louise eye base without budging. To top of the eye look, I also received the black Miraculous Volume Mascara (£12). Though no mascara has ever topped my current staple, I still really enjoy using this as it has a standard wand so is super easy to apply. It’s waterproof and I can truthfully say withstood a walk in the rain, but also came off easily at the end of the day using my cleanser.

I have been in love with this collection from setting eyes on it, to incorporating it in to my every day looks. I’m looking forward to trying out a few other bits from the collection such as the SKINvisible foundation, which I have heard wonderful things about as well as seeing the new launches to the collection come December. 

I’d love to now if you’ve tried the range or if you’re planning on picking any of it up?

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