I’d never heard Femme Luxe Finery until my friend turned up to our Christmas night out in a dazzling, glittery two co-ord. It was such a statement outfit that I was shocked to find out that it cost less than £20 and was from a shop I’d never heard of! So, when they reached out to me in February asking to work with me I was more than excited to do so. 

I’d originally planned to shoot the outfit shots in Glasgow. I had it all planned out to capture the evening wear in October bar then shoot the casual wear the next day in the city centre. Obviously, due to the current circumstances I was unable to do so but I managed to get some lovely pictures at home with this DIY studio. If you want to see how I took and edited the photos in this post then feel free to check out the YouTube video on it here.  I’ve also included the items in a clothing haul on my channel so you can see the clothes in real life too.

To put it simply, I see Femme Luxe Finery to be similar to online stores such as PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo. Under terms of, website layout, delivery and style, if you like PrettyLittleThing you’d be more than impressed with Femme Luxe Finery. They cater to so many needs, selling mostly all clothing items, shoes, fake tan, toiletries, skincare and much more. Not to mention they cover current trends such as “Student Style”, “Milkmaid” and “Noughties”.

Starting of with the casual wear, I chose the Khaki crop loungewear set. I’d seen Ava Black rock the black version of this but fancied picking it up in a brighter colour to be a bit bolder. It comes as a set with the wide neck crop top, which has an elasticated bottom, so fits super well. Then has a matching legging set with an elasticated waistband. The leggings are quite tight around the ankles but nothing un-breathable. I love how this set can be dressed up with some gold jewellery and a sleek bun or can worn as a chill set. My first thought was that it would make a great airport outfit so it’s a shame I won’t be flying any time soon. 

I couldn’t resist getting this Cream Sherpa Oversized Jumper. I knew even before it arrived that I would be going about the house wearing it for the foreseeable future and I have been doing exactly that ever since it arrived! The high neck makes it super cosy as does the wide sleeves, I truly wish I’d owned this in winter. The material is quite thin which you can’t complain about when I’s only £13.99, so the inside isn’t very insulated but it doesn’t retract from the comfort. 

To start of the evening wear, I chose this Camel Ruched Cowl Neck Bodycon Mini Dress which I know would’ve looked amazing against the flower wall in October bar! My first thought when wearing this was how good the quality was! It has that heavy feel which I’d expect with an Oh Polly dress, which you’d pay upwards of £35 for. My second thought with this dress is how fab it is on the lower belly area. The ruched finish is super flattering on my stomach as unlike a tight dress, which seems to show every curve and crease, it isn’t tight in that area so I’d happily wear it out to a meal. 

This next dress, the Nude corset Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress, has the same ruched finish up the sides of the dress, which really enhances the hips nicely. I was slightly disappointed that the top of the dress wasn’t as structured as it looked online so I paired it with a white shirt for a more casual look. I was in love with the two together, the shirt gave it such a smart look while still being a great look for wearing on a night out as shirts have made a big comeback recently! My Instagram followers seemed to love it too as the images I posted have become my most liked post yet! 

All in all, I’d say if you are looking for a few new bits to add to your wardrobe and don’t want to break the bank at the same time then Femme Luxe Finery is definitely worth a browse. For many people who buy a dress, wear it out once then never touch it again then this is a great site as they have a great range of dresses, all of which aren’t overly priced. So you’d be able to get some nice accessories and shoes alongside your fit.  In terms of quality, I’d say for the most part it matches the price tag, which is often the case with online fashion retailers in this ballpark. The material isn’t jaw dropping; I can’t lie, but is totally wearable, comfy and looks lovely so I was very pleased with the items I received. 

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