Summer is once again upon us, which means only two things: occasional outbreaks of sun and a new Zoella Beauty range. The Zoella Beauty range being the more promising of the two.

Nevertheless, to go alongside the theme of sunny days and all things tropical, Zoe has delivered a refreshing new range, bursting with summer vibes and botanical hues in a collection of bath and body products that I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on in Superdrug. Not forgetting the new cherry lip oil, which is a first in the history of Zoella Beauty ranges. (eek!)

The range accompanied me on my summer vacation, giving me enough time to try and test each product whilst keeping my skin and lips hydrated in the sun. I can conclude that after a week of smelling fresher than freshly picked flowers and coconuts that this is my favourite scent (and range) yet! Which I had expected as I’m such a sucker for fresh scents! Amongst the botanical array of wonders lies 6 products and a beautiful leafy print makeup pouch. Now on to the product breakdown…

Beginning with the body of the collection, the spritz, the spray, the Botanic’EAU Body Mist. (£8) It’s a watery scent, perfect for misting in the morning then throwing in to my bag and topping up later in the day. I’m not the best with scents but I’d definitely class this one as unisex. It’s fresh and leafy with freesia and iris and mostly looks very sophisticated sat on display. It’s a big yes from me!

As for all the bubble bath lovers, this range doesn’t disappoint! The Drench Me Bath Soak (£6.95) is perfect for swirling in to a dreamy running bath, creating endless coconut infused bubbles from an adorable white carton. There’s nothing I love more than a bubble bath but if you fancy a little something different then the Lagoon Love Bath Milk (£3) will be perfect! It has the same tropical coconut & lychee scent but instead creates a milky smooth bath, resulting in silky hydrated skin all from a little pink sachet.

For the shower lovers or anyone looking for a new product to use when shaving your legs comes the Make a Splash Moisturising Body Wash. (£6) Again maintaining the coconut and lychee scent, the moisturising body wash is the perfect two-in-one product for days when there’s no time for moisturiser or what you simply need that extra boost of hydration. Not to mention how perfect it is for prolonging silky smooth legs after shaving.

In order to keep the rest of my skin just as soft, the Quench Me Body Sorbet (£7)is perfect. It’s a new formula as apposed to last years Body Pudding, however, just a small scoop of the new gel formula is all you require for an instant hydration shot and also creates a perfect base for the Botanic’EAU mist to boost longevity. The lips have also been included this year with the new cherry scented So Soft Lip Oil (£5) It’s the perfect little handbag edition for topping up on hydration throughout the day and reminds me a lot of my much-loved Clarins Lip Comfort Oil except a little less pricey. I may have found myself an excellent dupe! To finalise my thoughts in case they aren’t already clear, I totally love this range! It will make the perfect gift or spa-day addition but most of all I love how versatile it is for both boys and girls. Props to Zoe for yet another incredible range! Which product is your favourite from the Splash Botanics collection?

Shop the Collection on 3 for 2 at Superdrug

40 Replies to “Zoella Beauty – Splash Botanics Review”

  1. I am always a bit put off by the price of Zoella stuff not sure exactly how good the quality is, I’ve bought my niece a few bits before but love coconut so I’m really tempted to try this range now great review

  2. If you love coconut then this range is definitely for you. For the size of the products I’d say they aren’t badly priced, particularly the giant carton of bubble bath! x

  3. I haven’t followed Zoella for a long time but your review makes me want to try the Cherry Lip Oil. I’ve always wanted to try to Clarins one but always thought it was so expensive.

  4. If you’re yet to pick up the Clarins one then give the Zoella Beauty one a go. You’ll get 1ml extra product and a lot smaller price tag! xx

  5. Ever since Zoella released this range I’ve wanted to try it out as the packaging looks amazing and I’ve heard so many good things about it all! SO perfect for summer as well. I may have to pick it up as it’s on 3 for 2 at Superdrug 🙌🏼

    Samantha |

  6. The packaging is always so lovely, especially for on display! And yes, now is the best time to get it whilst on 3 for 2 x

  7. Ive not been a fan of zoella and her stuff but this review makes me want to splurge and give it a go!
    I love your photos for this. Looks beautiful!

    Lucy |

  8. This range looks great! I love the packaging, I’ve always been really put off her beauty products, but hearing you opinion on them makes me want to give them a try! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve never tried any of the Zoella products before but I love the theming of these all the packaging is so pretty and they sound like great quality products! I’ve never tried a lip oil but I think I might pick this one up as I struggle with dry lips!

    Jess //

  10. They always have such wonderful themes, this is such a good range to start with as well. I’m sure you’ll have great first impressions. And fingers crossed the lip oil solves your dry lips! xx

  11. Oooh thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I’ve been seeing the range all over Instagram and love the packaging so I’m glad that the products themselves are as good as they look! I’m going to have to try some out for myself!
    Soph – x

  12. I love any beauty products that has some beach/summer vibes going on! The smell is great and feels lighter than the winter-based products. Love that these products don’t break the bank and does the job! I’d love to try out the body sorbet! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  13. I haven’t actually seen anyone review Zoella’s summer range yet so this was really interesting! I’ve never really gone for any of her collections before, but this one sounds more like my kinda vibe smell wise (leafy and fresh), may have to check it out!
    Jas xx

  14. Thank you Jas! This is such a great collection to start with being such a fresh scent that you love, xx

  15. Your photos are so gorgeous gal! It always takes a while for the new Zoella Beauty products to make their way to shops in Australia, so I’m waiting impatiently until I can try all of these! They sound fab! xx

  16. Can’t believe i still haven’t gotten this new range of hers- if only it was easier to get a hold of them from where I live haha! But honestly her packaging is just gorgeous. I can just imagine how amazing these products would be! Great photography btw! xx

  17. Thank you so much! The products will be even better than you imagine, the packaging is just a snippet of the wonder that lies inside! xx

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