There’s no escape route from all of the hype surrounding Makeup Revolution right now. With Revolution Pro launching and new products hitting stores weekly, it’s fair to say that Makeup Revolution are setting the bar high on drugstore beauty.

One of the many launches that made its way in to my Superdrug basket are the Fast Base Foundation Sticks. I’m not usually one for a stick foundations but with promises of dewy and glowing skin all for £5 I couldn’t resist these little wonders!

Shade Range:

One of the most impressive things about the Fast Base Foundation Stick collection is the shade range. As much as having a diverse range of light to dark shades should be compulsory for every release, it truly is an impressive array of shades for a drugstore brand.
There are 18 shades in the collection ranging from F1 (for fair skin with neutral undertones) up to F18 (for dark skin with fair undertones) each with a purpose of matching different undertones such as peach, beige, golden, warm and cool.


As easy as it was to sweep the foundation stick across my face, I found it tricky to determine how much was a perfect amount as I’m used to liquid foundations. I started by applying 2 strokes on each cheek then one across my forehead, nose and chin which turned out to be a perfect amount. I’ve tested to blendability using both a beauty blender and stippling brush and have found a brush to be much quicker to use yet both applicators create a very similar finish.

Despite seeing all of the amazing videos going around social media featuring the foundation, I was still shocked at just how full coverage it was. It’s thick, but not cakey so it still gave me that lightweight feel that I’m always after.

As well as using the shade F3 all over my face (for fair skin tones with pink undertones) I also picked up the shade F11 (for medium/dark skin tones with a beige undertone) to attempt cream contouring with. I used a Real techniques contour brush to blend and define my face and was super impressed with how it tuned out. With it being a creamy foundation it easily melts in to the skin creating a very quick and easy contour. I paired the two foundation sticks with the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer and was left with such a radiant and glowing base.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, I’d give my experience with the Fast Base Foundation Sticks 4/5 stars. After a few hours of wear, I did begin to notice the foundation clinging to the dry areas of my face slightly, so assumed it was as a result of the primer I had used. However, since then I’ve experimented with different primers and no primer at all and have continued to have the same issue. Considering that it only cost £5, I’m not disappointed with the product. I’ll continue to use the darker shade as my go-to for cream contour but will set aside the foundation shade for on the go and occasional wear.

Let me know if you have tried the new Makeup revolution fast Base Foundation sticks.


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35 Replies to “Makeup Revolution – Fast Base Foundation Sticks Review”

  1. I’ve heard such mixed reviews of this all over the blogosphere, but I feel like I need to pick it up myself to fully make up my mind! I’m a matte, full coverage kind of gal so I don’t know how I’d feel about it from what I’ve read, but I love the idea of cream contouring with it as well.. 🙊

  2. I’ll need to read lots of other reviews amongst the blogosphere to hear other’s thoughts. If you aren’t up for them for foundation then definitely give cream contouring a go love x

  3. I’ve heard such great things about these foundation sticks and I’m so tempted to give them a go, however I’m trying to use up my current makeup at the moment so will need to try these during summer!! Great post! X

    Ayse Merve Demir.

  4. Oh this looks good, might have to go pick it up! I’ve heard so much about makeup revolution recently, really need to try out their products! Such a helpful and great read!

    Phoebe x

  5. Thank you Phoebe, I’m so glad you like the post. Makeup Revolution has so many amazing releases to check out! x

  6. I haven’t heard of this product before, it sucks that it’s a bit dry but I’m glad you wear the foundation from time to time so it’s not a total waste.

  7. They were only launched last month so it’s understandable if you’re yet to hear about them, and hopefully I get lots of wear out of the foundation eventually! x

  8. I would quite like to try these foundation sticks! They seem pretty good for the cost & I haven’t tried many sticks yet! Xx

  9. If you’re quite new to foundation sticks then these are a great range to start of with, definitely worth giving a shot with them lovely! x

  10. Goodness, what amazing value for £5! I tend to go for powder foundation because I have oily skin but that’s a good idea to use the darker shade for contouring. I’m going to look at these though because occasionally I would like a heavier coverage and these sound ideal. Anyway, at that price you couldn’t go wrong! Fab review, and can I just say what gorgeous photographs you’ve taken too. 🙂 x

    Lisa |

  11. Thank you Lisa, such a lovely comment you’ve left! I’m yet to try any powder foundations so let me know which ones you’d reccomend. Also, thank you for the nice compliment on my photos, I loved how these ones turned out! xx

  12. I’ve literally just bought this as well as the new conceal and define concealer and I’m so so excited to try it! I’ve heard such mixed views about it! £5 is actually ridiculously cheap I can’t believe it! Really enjoyed this and I’m even more excited to try it now!

  13. Love the packaging of Revolution Pro! Pretty cool to see them launching at such a great price! I love how it looks rich on your skin. For the price it’s worth, it gives a pretty good feedback! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  14. I love makeup revolution, but didn’t;t know about this product. It really sounds great for £5! I like the fact that it’s high coverage, as I’ve found most drugstore foundations aren’t 🙂 will have to pick one up next time I’m in the uk…


  15. Out of all the drugstore foundations I have tried I can say that this is definitely the fullest coverage out of them all! Which is great with it being just £5! x

  16. Shame it clings to dry patches a little! I’ve been wanting to try this so much but the lightest shade is a bit too dark for me and I have no idea how to lighten a stick? I’ve just ordered one of the Revolution Pro foundations and the lightening drops and I can’t wait to test them out. I can’t believe a foundation this good is just £5?! x


  17. Makeup Revolution have just added lighter shades to their concealer line so you could mix one of them with the lightest stick. Let me know if the foundation drops are good too, Sophie! xx

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