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If you’re a lipstick junkie like me, then you may have already discovered INC.redible cosmetics. However, if holographic lips and strawberry glaze-like glosses aren’t so much you’re thing then keep on reading because INC.redible cosmetics have something for everyone. Founded by the much-loved company: Nails Inc, INC.redible cosmetics has recently hit stores across the UK AND US, giving us all a wonderful new collection of lippies to try. I was very lucky to be sent a bundle of different formulas by the lovely INC.redible cosmetics team to give you all a little insight in to the products.

When they announced that the range would have something for everyone, they weren’t playing around. It features Jelly Shots, Iridescent Strobe Lipsticks, Holographic Lipglosses, Matte Lip Sticks, Metallic Matte Lip Paints and finally long-lasting glosses. All of which you’ll see more in depth below.

Shade: Just Be Me. Rosy Pink.

Jelly Shots

Particularly for a drugstore item, Jelly Shots are pretty cool. Unlike your typical ‘moisturising lipstick’, that quenches your dry lips, Jelly shots are enriched with natural oils, blended with avocado and each have a hidden flower at the stem of the lipstick. All Jelly shots give a subtle colour pay off, more of a tint as they are mostly transparent or ‘jelly like’. I have to admit that these are probably my favourite out of the lot!

Shade: Busy Unicorning. (far left) Baby Pink to Turquoise and gold under the light.

Lip Trippins

The Lip Trippins are also like nothing I’ve ever seen from a drugstore brand before. With an iridescent, disco ball like finish these lippies have completely brought back the holographic trend. They’re hydrating too thanks to the coconut infused formula, so my lips were let soft and shiny when I rocked one of these at New Year.

Swatch on left.

Shade: Anything Flaming Goes

In A Dream World Glosses

Still on the iridescent route, the In A Dream World glosses are the prettiest to photograph and just as pretty on the lips. This shade completely reminded me of the Krispy Kreme strawberry glaze donut. (my favourite) Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same sweet scent, although it is just as magical and glittery and perfect for layering on top of any matte lip.

Shade: Call My Cab. Deep, copper plum.

Foiling Around

Lastly for the magical, metallic lippies is the Foiling Around Matte Lip Paints. These are truly like liquid metal in a tube, which surprisingly dry matte despite the chrome finish. These were perfect for the festive party season and I’m sure will be just as popular in summer or for nights out.

Shade: Future Is Female. (Nude, brown)

Matte My Day

Now, for the more classic lip lovers, you’ll be pleased to discover the Matte My Day collection. 14 shades of matte lip paint ranging from nude to deep berry shades. For a drugstore nude lip these had a lot to live up to as there’s a lot of tough competitors, but I am pleased to say that they’ve passed my test for their non-drying formula and wearability. I can’t wait to head to Boots and pick up some more.

Shade: Everyday Selfie. Bright, orange toned red.

Glazin Over

Another favourite of mine, as you may have figured from my recent mention of my love for lip glosses, is the Glazin Over intense colour glosses. The sticky formula was easily put aside on this range for just how vibrant the shades are. They can easily be worn on their own or paired with another formula because of the full coverage finish. Perfect for the perfect pout.

Shade: Uh Hullo!   

(chocolate brown)

Pushing Everyday Lip Sticks

Lastly, from the collection of wonders comes the Pushing Everyday Lip Sticks. These satin, push up lip sticks come in 6 shades and once again are extremely hydrating thanks to the infusion of jojoba oil. They’re extremely similar the Colourpop lippie stix (which you can see in my previous post) yet a little more on the pricey side, but still a wonderful alternative for all the UK babes.

To discover more information/swatches/shades you can visit the INC.redible cosmetics website which you can find here.

You can also now find INC.redible cosmetics in Boots, Cult Beauty, John Lewis and Sephora or on Instagram @incrediblecosmetics

I’d love to know what you think of INC.redible cosmetics products?






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29 Replies to “INC.redible Cosmetics – Lippies For Everyone*”

  1. I have not heard of this brand but i enjoy the way they swatched. I will keep my eyes open when shopping next tine and see if i can find it

  2. They’re still relatively new so it was lovely to get the word out, hopefully you can find them when you’re shopping! x

  3. First of all I love your photos!! Second, they say there’s something for everyone but I just want them all! Love the look of the Jelly Shots the most but the foiled lipsticks look gorgeous and all the colours here are right up my street! X

  4. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I don’t blame you for wanting them all, they’re certainly eye candy just as much as lip! xx

  5. I’ve not heard of this brand before but oh my gosh their lippies are beautiful ♥
    Love your photos, they are stunning and the shades are to die for so I’ll definitely be checking them out and investing on my next pay day 🙂
    Thanks for sharing hun! xx

  6. I’m so pleased you are just as head over heels as I am! Let me know which one you go for lovely if you pick one up! xx

  7. These look amazing! A good lippie is a must for me as I’m always in a rush in the morning so it’s just apply and go. I really like the look of matte my day so hoping I can find them in my local boots. Your photography is fantastic btw x

  8. Thank you lovely! The colour pay off is great so you wouldn’t have to worry about constant reapplying. Also, the aren’t in all Boots stores yet so check online if you can’t find them in your local x

  9. Firstly, I need to say your pictures are amazing! Those lippies look incred especially the colour pay off, just wow. All the colours would be a big yes for me.
    Lea, xx

  10. your photos are literally out of this world! (just about to send this link to my sister to show her how fabulous they are?!) I’ve seen a lot about INC.redible and now I’m desperate to try some! they all look amazing and the jelly shots are calling my name! Also I love the shade of the Lip Trippin, so beautiful! Such a fabulous post!
    Kate Xx.

  11. Thank you Kate, I thought they’d be right up your street! I’d definitely recommend the Jelly Shots if you’re thinking of picking something up, there amazing! And the Lip Trippins are great if you’re feeling extra! xx

  12. Love this post. Really informative.

    I’m an absolute addict when it comes to liquid lipsticks and it’s even better when they’re affordable. I’ll be sure to check this brand out.



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