Happy New Year! Before I get stuck in to this post I wanted to thank all my lovely readers of 2017 and welcome all the newbies for 2018. I can’t wait to get blogging again this year and what better way to begin with than a Colourpop haul. As well as showing the products I picked up, I’ve also included lots of shipping/delivery tips to make shopping from the UK a little bit easier for you and your purse. However, feel free to skip to the products if you wish.

How to make your order more cost effective

  • Sign up to the Colourpop emailing list. In doing so you’ll receive a $5 dollar discount on your order and also get upcoming deals and offers in your inbox.
  • Order when the time is right. And by this I mean when Colourpop is offering free UK shipping. Every so often they’ll pop a free UK shipping code on their site, similarly to what Boohoo.com often does. So I’d recommend checking up on the site for a few days before ordering to try and bag a discount code.
  • If time has gone by and Colourpop still hasn’t offered a free shipping code then you may opt for the option of free shipping on all orders over $50. (If you’re basket is coming to that total!)
  • Keep in mind that there’ll always be custom fees. Despite having free shipping, my following order arrived at my door with a £16 customs fee. Unfortunately they aren’t avoidable, and for a package smaller than a shoebox, £16 did seem quite pricey. So always leave budget space for an added customs fee.

On to the products: 

Despite having to rush my order in the remaining 40 minutes of the free shipping code, I loved browsing through all the products and selecting my favourites. My basket totalled to around $200 before whittling it down to only the best of the bunch, and ending up with the wondrous products I received just 8 days after placing my order.

Shade: Hard To Impress

Starting with the whole purpose of my order: the Supernova Shadow. I’d seen Kathleen Lights use one in a tutorial and fell in love with them straight away. If you’re familiar with the Stila Magnificent Metals then you’ll love these. They’re packaged just like a liquid lipstick yet are liquid eyeshadows with a beautiful, cosmic like, metallic finish. I wore the shade Hard To Impress on top of red eyeshadow but they also look just as glittery and lovely on their own. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already eyeing up all the new shades!

Moving on to my favourites: unsurprisingly the lip products. I’d seen lots of swatches and hype on Pinterest about Colourpop lippies so wanted to test out all the formulas. I picked up 2 of the liquid lipsticks, 1 lipgloss and a lipstick. All of which I chose in nude shades.

I based my choices purely off the swatches on the website which have proved true to the shades in real life, which is always a plus point. So if you’d like to see the lip swatches then I’ll leave links under the photos.

Shades left to right: Oh Snap,  Fairy Floss, Midi, Bianca. 

All liquid lipsticks are currently $4.20

My order wouldn’t have been complete without one of the Super Shock highlighters, so I picked up one in the shade Flexitarian, a gorgeous champagne shade. It’s extremely creamy so glides on like a dream, and as you can see from the swatch it is intense. I’m not surprised that it’s a best seller!

Shade: Flexitarian

Currently $5.60

Lastly, I picked up 2 brushes, both of which are looking a little dirty in the pictures due to how much I’ve already used them. I’ll never be satisfied with my ever-growing collection of fluffy blending brushes so picked up yet another one of them. Which does the job exactly as I’d hoped so. I also picked up am angled eye brush which I use to apply my eyebrow pomade. It’s incredibly thin so creates very natural, hair like strokes.

Angled Eye Brush

That’s all for my Colourpop haul just now. I’m sure you can tell just how pleased I am with the products so you may be seeing a few more Colourpop orders soon.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried any Colourpop products in the comments?








Some of Colourpop's Bestsellers

29 Replies to “Colourpop Haul & UK Shipping Tips”

  1. I cannot get over how incredible these photos are?!?! You are seriously insane!!
    I’ve always wanted to try colourpop but I’m always so put off my the customs but next time they have free shipping, I might be tempted! I love the look of all the lip products and you got some gorgeous shades!! Fabulous post as always!
    Kate Xxx https://www.luxekate.com

  2. Thank you Kate, I can assure you that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this pink rug! The photos are all down to it! Hopefully you get to try out Colourpop products at some point this year too,
    Zara xxx

  3. i’ve never tried any of colourpops products but they look incredible!! amazing post, can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you Xx


  4. Thank you lovely, wishing you a lovely 2018 too! May it be the year you get to try out some Colourpop products! xx

  5. First of all, loving your photography! Second of all, all the products look lush! loving the colors and pigments! 8 days is not so bad! Might have a look at their website tonight! xx corinne

  6. Thank you Corinne! I’m getting so tempted to make a second order, let me know if you decide to pick up anything too! xx

  7. Your photos are absolutely stunning!! I love the detail you’ve gone into, and the tips at the beginning are SO helpful. I’ve never ordered from Colourpop but if I ever do I shall definitely come back to this post for the tips, I’d never have thought to check for things like that!
    Can’t get over how lovely your blog is 😍💕🌹
    Hels xx

  8. So lovely to know you love the photos and my blog itself, lots of thanks! Glad to know you’ll find the tips useful too xx

  9. I have heard so much about Colorpop and am dying to try it out. Their products look stunning, especially the liquid lipsticks. I might be going to America soon so I will have to pick some things up from them I think. Lovely blog post!

    Steph x

  10. Thank you lovely! I’m sure you’ll collect such a wonderful haul of beauty products if you go to America, they have all the best makeup over there! x

  11. I LOVE ColourPop. Their eyebrow pencil is my favorite ever! I have yet to try out the Supernova Shadows, but I’ve heard Kathleen speak highly of them as well and now you so I’ll have to include them in my next order. On another note, these photos are SO beautiful. I really enjoyed this post, Zara!

    Kenisha | heykenkay.com

  12. Ahh thank you Kenisha, so many kind words! I kind of regret not picking up one of the eyebrow pencils in my order so that’s one more excuse to do a second! xx

  13. It would be amazing if colour pop had stores in the U.K.! Loved this post, and that pink rug is absolutely gorgeous btw xx

  14. Thank you lovely, hopefully they will some day! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of the pink rug too! xx

  15. The photography in this post is gorgeous! I have tried colourpop products a few times, and I am definitely ready to start expanding my makeup collection! This was a great post.

    My blog is kelseygayle.com if anyone wants to check it out! I subscribed and I am excited to see more content from you 🙂

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