I broke my spending ban. And not only this, I also broke my rule of not buying any Christmas sets for myself until at least December. Although in this case, I’m giving this set an exception because I couldn’t miss out any longer on these mini wonders from Zoe’s latest collection.

I picked up the Winter Soirée Gift Set whilst browsing Boots for a new hand cream, which I did in fact get with this gift set. The set includes a miniature sized version of the Winter Wonderhand hand cream and a Snowella Body Mist in rollerball form, both up which come neatly packed in the All Is Bright felt purse.

The purse itself is a lovely grey colour and is super soft with baby pink detailing along the zip. It can also be used to hold pens, makeup, receipts or kept as the holder of the hand cream and rollerball.


The Winter Wonderhand hand cream is very similar in formula to the previous christmas collections ginger cream hand cream, so if you were a fan of that you’ll love this too. It’s in mini size too which will be very handy for throwing in handbags and whipping out on all the cold winter days to come. It also doesn’t leave you with slimy which is always such a plus point.

The Snow’ella roller ball follows the main scent in the collection which you can buy in 100ml Spritz form. It’s fresh and wintery yet still has a subtle, christmas sweet scent to it. I couldn’t stop admiring the scent on my wrist on first use, it even tops the  jelly and gelato scent for me! Alike the hand cream, it’s a perfect handbag size and being a rollerball means less chance of leaking everywhere inside my bag.

If you’re interested in picking up any of the Snow’ella range then it’s all on discount in Superdrug right now. I’d also love to know what your favourite piece from the range is in the comments!

37 Replies to “Snowella A Winter Soirée Gift Set Review”

  1. I have never tried anything from the Zoella range however, I think this is something which I might have to change this Christmas because it looks like she has been releasing some crackers this festive season.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I need to check this whole range out, I haven’t had chance yet! Really want to have a smell of the Snow’ella now you’ve mentioned it!x

  3. This is such a cute little set! Every year I have to try and resist the temptation to buy all the special Christmas sets ever! They’re just so tempting! Also I love your photos!

  4. Thanks lovely, it’s definetely one of the hardest things trying to resist all the gift sets that begin appearing in shop windows and online! x

  5. Loved this post. I have never bought any of Zoe products but I’m totally obsessed with this new Christmas set, they are so cute and your photographs are amazing. The products are also travel friendly, great!! Can’t wait to get this.

  6. Thank you lovely! It’s the perfect time to pick up any of Zoe’s Christmas range as they’re all on sale right now in the January sales x

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