There’s no simple solution to gaining a social media following. I can’t even say I’ve gathered up a large following myself. But I’m growing and like to consider myself as ‘a work in progress’.

Numbers don’t mean everything to me, although it’s always nice to have a good group of people to showcase your latest post to. But opting for bots is never the solution. 10 interactive followers will always be better than 100 inactive ones. Always remember quality over quantity. So here’s some of the things I’m doing which I believe to help my socials grow and attract a few new lovelies:

Setting Weekly Plans & Goals

This is probably my most effective way of raising my social media following and only requires a little extra effort each day. Every Sunday, I set out my weekly planner and write down all the goals I’d like to achieve by the same time next week. These usually include how many posts I’d like to get up and the numbers I’d like to reach. After this, I’ll write down all the Blogger chats I’d like to participate in and set reminders to do things such as comment on at least 2 posts per day. I’d really recommend giving this one a go one week.

Adding Hashtags To My Social Media Posts

Hashtags are great for attaching to your posts, especially on twitter and Instagram. Some of the ones I commonly use are #bbloggers, #GRLPWR and #Blogginggals. Not only are these great for getting your posts to reach other timelines but they are also really great for scrolling through and finding new blogs/posts to read.

Being An Active User

Overall, I think one of the best ways to grow your followers on any social media site is simply to be an active user. By liking, commenting, replying and retweeting you’re getting yourself out there in to new timelines and conversations and letting your followers know that you’re still an active user.

None of the above are an overnight solution to gaining hundreds and hundreds of followers but as long as you’re happy with the ones you have then you’ve just gotta keep going.

I’d love to know if you have any other tips and get a little discussion going on in the comments.

23 Replies to “How I’m Growing My Blog Twitter & Instagram”

  1. I think out of all of these the hardest thing is consistently being active online. I work 9-5 and have to help take care of my mum at home which means time to be active is usually very late in the afternoon. But I do try as I feel like this is one of the more important steps for growing online.

  2. I agree with everything you said and I should definitely try writing out a weekly list as I’m on Twitter 24/7 but I need to up my Instagram game! I also need to participate in more blogger chats as I can’t remember the last one I did!!
    Kate Xx

  3. Im always admiring your Twitter and Instagram, you always seem so on the ball with everything! There’s quite a few blogger chats on to night too xx

  4. Adding hashtags is such an effective way of gaining, I’ve found that its really made a difference to my Instagram. Setting goals is a great tip, I’ve only recently tried to keep an eye on blogger chats and comment swaps but being organised definitely pays off!- x

  5. I find Twitter is far more easier to grow than Instagram however I find it easier to post on Instagram and put more effort into those posts, which is so frustrating! Your tips are so useful though X

  6. So fab to know you’ll find them useful, I also find it much easier to grow my twitter platform compared to Instagram x

  7. This is such a useful post! I’ll definitely be using those hashtags from now on as I’m fairly new to twitter and looking for ways to get my posts to a larger audience! xx

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