I’m admittedly drawn to products with pretty packaging. And books with pretty covers for that matter. Anything rose gold or with finished with lovely lettering or sparkles I’m immediately drawn to like a magnet. But like books, it’s the inside that counts so I’ve tested some of my prettiest products to see if the product itself is as good as it looks.

L’Oréal Glam Nude BB Cream

This is a product I was fairly disappointed with. I was drawn to it, of course, by its packaging and after a quick swatch of it in Duty Free I was quite impressed. However, on arriving home and giving it a full test and try out it didn’t impress me as much as similar products have. So at a glance, it looks lovely but I’m yet to fall in love with this one.

Maybeline Lash Sensational

I almost felt like I didn’t have to include this product as everyone already seems to be head over heels for this and have been for quite some time now. But I wanted to include it as the Maybeline counter in particular has many mascaras in it, too many to stand and look through in one go. So when buying a new mascara it’s often the case of scanning over the selection and picking up whichever one has the most alluring word written across it or looks the nicest. The Lash Sensational fitted ticked both of those boxes, however, pretty packaging doesn’t always determine a pretty product so in most cases it’s worth spending a little more time sampling in store.

What brand or product do you think has beautiful packaging?







20 Replies to “Pretty Packaging, Pretty Products?”

  1. Y’know what? I love posts like it. Affordable items and prices appeal to me so much more than reading a review or a post about some make up items that look amazing but I just simply cannot afford unless I stop buying food for a couple of weeks.
    Lovely post!
    Carly xx

  2. Such a lovely comment to come across, I do like to bring a mix of drugstore and high end products to my blog so it can appeal to all! xx

  3. The lash sensational mascara has to be my fav at the moment as I agree that the packaging is so lovely. However, it’s interesting that not all products with nice packaging are a good product too, It’ll make me think a lil more when i’m buying make-up now x

  4. Totally agree! Some products are just too pretty not to purchase. That’s a shame about the bb cream. I’ve been looking for a good one recently!

    Have to admit my Urban Decay Naked Heat pallettes packaging was definetly an attraction…

    Great post!

    Shona Marie xo

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