If you follow me on twitter then you may already know that this previous weekend I celebrated my birthday. I am so grateful to have such lovely family and friends to spend it with, as well as receive so many wonderful birthday wishes, cards and gifts! My brain is now bursting with ideas for blog posts.

I’ve dedicated today’s post as a little thank you and to show you all some of the things I kindly received. I, for one, love reading these types of posts so thought this year I’d do one myself.

First of all, and you may have already noticed it, I received an upgrade to my old blog. I had been using WordPress.com for a while but finally took the plunge in to WordPress.org to go self-hosted. (And also be able to install a fancy new theme) I can’t put in to words how much I love everything about the new layout and can’t wait to hear what you all think of it too!

My blog was done by the wonderful Saurabh, you can check out her Easy shop here.

One of my favourite beauty items I received is my first custom eyeshadow palette. The palette itself is a standard black one from Freedom and includes a full size mirror inside. I actually chose this one over a Z palette as I thought the mirror would be really useful for traveling. The shadows inside are a mix of NYX and Prima Makeup’s glitter range, all of which are linked at the end of the post.
I also received another Freedom palette from my Sister, which is the nude lip palette. It almost looks as if it was made for me as it contains 24 gorgeous, nude lip colours, with matte and sheer finishes.

One of my aims for my new blog is to up my photography game so I was so excited to receive ‘Capture Your Style’ by the amazing Aimee Song. The book includes her guide and her best tips and ricks to master instagram/blog photography. I’m only ¼ of the way through and I’ve already learned so much!

2 more bands that I’m excited to try out are Nip and Fab and ELF. 2 of my friends kindly gifted me with some of their products, the ELF highlighting glow palette and Nip and Fab’s liquid lipstick in marshmallow. I am yet to properly try out the highlighting palette but the liquid lipstick has quickly become one of my favourites, if you are after a cool toned brown then this one’s for you!

Moving on from makeup products and on to skincare, next up is the Mario Badescu drying lotion. After seeing lots of hype around it on YouTube I was so intrigued to try it out for myself. Surprisingly my skin is super clear at the moment so I haven’t had the chance to properly test it out, but I’ll be sure do to a post on it as soon as I have.

Another one of my favourite things I received, and something I know will be getting lots of use this summer is the orange mini backpack I received from one of my close friends. It’s the perfect size for throwing my phone, purse and keys in to and although being bright orange, actually goes with almost everything! So if you are reading this Charlotte, thank you very much.

The last 2 things featured amongst my birthday haul is one of the 2 Zoella Blissful Missful perfumes that I received. My friends and family obviously know how much I love that scent!
To go with the palette I also received a new set of eye makeup brushes as all my eye makeup brushes seem to disappear alongside my hairgrips! The set is from a brand I’d never heard of before named Quivange but I’d really recommend them, as I’ve never felt makeup brushes fluffier than these ones!

That’s all for this blog post, I really love reading and watching these kinds of posts so I hope you did too! I’d also love to know what you think of my new blog!


Prima Makeup Single Eye Glitters

Qivange Eye Makeup Brushes

Freedom Nude Lip Palette

20 Replies to “What I Got For My Birthday”

  1. Great post and your blog looks great! I am obsessed with the Zoella fragrances and after reading this might have to buy another

  2. I think I’ll pick up the mini packs of fragrances next time I’m in Superdrug so i can try them all x

  3. I love reading posts seeing what people got for birthday and Christmas, I’m so nosy! I think I might have to stick that Aimee Song book on my Amazon wishlist as it sounds useful and I’m really into Instagram right now.

  4. I’d really recommend picking a copy of the book up, it’s a good price on Amazon right now too x

  5. I first up need to say I love the whole setup you have in all your photos! Hope you had a lovely birthday.. it looks like you got a lot of goodies.. I really like all the shades in the lip palette and I really want to try out the Mario Badescu drying lotion


  6. Thank you, it’s so great to know others like my new blog design! There’s also a red version and purple version of the lip palette which are equally as lovely! xx

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