Spring officially begins tomorrow so I’ve recently began backing away from my winter beauty wardrobe and am beginning to dress it back up again with colourful spring editions. Already, the matte foundation and dark lips have been put to the back of my collection creating space for all of these wonderful products. This season it’s going to be all about glowing skin dressed with bright pops of colour and I can’t wait!


The first product I know i’ll be continiously using throughout Spring is the new and improved Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. With it now containing vitamin c it’s great for brightening up my skin as well as the SPF protecting my skin from the sun, which is always a bonus. It has medium coverage yet doesn’t feel at all heavy and provides a lovely healthy glow, perfect for Spring.


As for applying foundation and concealer, I’ve recently been using oval brushes. I have found them to be great for all occasions and perfect for underneath my eyes where i don’t want my makeup creasing. They are so easy to use and so much softer than i’d imagined.


Kat Von D Lovesick


Mac Fabby

DSC_4903 (1)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Boho Nude

The 3 lip products above are perfect shades for the upcoming season. Kat Von D Lovesick is the perfect pinky, purple shade and lasts all throughout the day because of its matte finish. Mac Fabby is a lipstick I’ve had for over a year now yet only properly started using it recently. It is a frost finish so is very shimmery and almost metallic, creating a gorgeous look for spring. lastly, Rimmel came out with a selection of lipsticks to mark 15 years of their partnership with Kate Moss. The shade Boho Nude is the perfect daily shade, it’s a lovely natural shade and is really moisturising too.


Next up is a blusher i was recently gifted at a wedding, the Clarins . it’s 2 rose-pink shades give a super healthy, shimmery glow to my cheeks. I never usually splash out on high end blushers so I love to have this new to my collection.


Another cheek product, also perfect for giving a healthy glow is benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. On days where i feel my complexion is looking dull or simply to finish of a makeup look, I love to swirl a big fully brush in this bronzer and apply to my cheeks. Often bronzers can appear too dark on pale skin so i was grateful to find this which I’m sure will suits skin tones.


Another product to give my skin a glowing, bronzed kiss is the Nuxe bronzing oil. I received this early last year but I only re-discovered it recently. It’s a very smooth oil containing tiny specs of glitter that absorb in to your skin, creating a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

Another product I’m going to make more of an effort to use this Spring is Mac Prep and Prime. I love the dewy effect it gives to my make up and how long it makes it last yet I always forget to use it.


Lastly, for makeup, I am certainly going to be experimenting with lot’s of different eye glitters this spring. I mentioned this Barry M glitter in my Eye Makeup Favourites and have been loving using it lately. I’m also going to invest in some NYX ones too.


Skincare wise I recently picked up the Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash, another product containing vitamin c. At first use it caused me to break out but now i can feel my skin really benefiting from it and am going to continue to use it. I use it along side the Micellar water also from Soap and Glory.


Lastly, my final current picks for Spring are 2 nail varnishes. Rimmel is one of my favourite brands not just for makeup but nail varnishes too. Amongst their wide selection of colours, these 2 jumped out to me as spring colours and i know they will be appearing on my nails a lot this Spring. They all dry super quickly and last a good length of time when cared for well.

That’s all for the moment of my Spring Beauty Picks although I’m sure plenty more will be added across throughout the season.

I’d love to know what products will you be using throughout Spring?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Oval Brushes

Kat Von D Lovesick

MAC Fabby

Rimmel Boho Nude

Clarins Blusher

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Nuxe shimmer Oil

Mac Prep and Prime Spray

Barry M Eye Glitter

Soap and Glory Facial Wash

Rimmel Purple Nail Polish

Rimmel Coral Nail Polish




28 Replies to “Spring Beauty Picks”

  1. Oh wow I love those brushes.. where are they from? Also that blusher looks so pretty! I need to pick up a new one x

  2. Loved this post and how fabulous is your photography?! The Clarins Blush and the Nuxe Oil look and sound so nice!
    Loved this style of post as well!
    Kate Xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post!! I love you photography also! Definately given me some inspiration towards the photos I will be taking for my blog! I’m also a lover of products containing Vitamin C in too!! Especially around Spring/Summer! Xxxx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post!! I love you photography also! Definately given me some inspiration towards the photos I will be taking for my blog! I’m also a lover of products containing Vitamin C in too!! Especially around Spring/Summer! Xxx

  5. I absolutely love your photography, your so talented! I loved reading this blogpost. I really want to try the soap & glory vitamin facial wash – it looks and sounds amazing. Would you say it’s worth it? I’m loving the oval brushes right now, they are brilliant aren’t they! great post lovely. Xo

    Elle – https://ellegracedeveson.wordpress.com/

  6. Thank you lovely! The soap and glory facial wash caused me a break out when I first used it a while ago but my skin is really benefiting from it now! Oval brushes are amazing! Xo

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