Primark, who doesn’t love it? It’s one of my favourite places to update my wardrobe, and always comes with a great price tag. After lacking in a visit all year I eventually found time to go on Sunday. I felt so overwhelmed with all items in the store as I wandered round not knowing where to start. About anhour later and a basket so heavy it hurt my back, I tried on all my items and narrowed everything down to a reasonable amount. The homeware section is the bit that always ends up filling my basket but somehow on Sunday every clothing item caught my eye. I’d gone in with a long list and successfully managed to come out with everything minus the clear glasses.


Pink & Purple jumper £5 each

For the last few weeks I’ve loved bright, block colour clothing items so finding the stack of these jumpers lit up my eyes. I eventually decided on pink and purple and, love them both! They are extremely soft inside and on the slightly baggy side, which I love. For £5 I can’t complain!


Denim dress

I’d been searching for the perfect denim dress to for a while and finally stumbled across this one. I didn’t expect to find one this early in the year so was so surprised to find this one. Even better, it also cost just £5!


New York & bumblebee t-shirts

Both of these came from the £2.50 t-shirt stand which I actually don’t normally look through. I thought these 2 prints would look great under the denim dress or paired with my Mom jeans. The yellow belt that I also picked up for £2 matches the bumblebee t-shirt so well with the dress, I love the contrast between the mustard yellow and denim!


Motorcycle t-shirt £6

Another t-shirt that caught my eye was this one, it’s sparkly, sequin sleeves stopped me in my tracks and I absolutely love it. It has a motorcycle print on the front which matches the pink and purple sequins so well.


White off the shoulder top £3

This white top looked perfect for spring and summer when I saw it on the hanger so I decided to pick it up even though we are still in the colder months. The material is so soft yet it doesn’t slip of my shoulders, and for £3 I really can’t complain.


Green midi skirt £8

I’ve been meaning to wear skirts more often and this one seems to go with so many different pieces. It will be great for sunny holidays and also pairing with some of my new tops and jumpers. It’s a perfect length coming down after my knees but still with my ankles on show.


Spotty Tights £2.50

After loving the fish nets under ripped jeans trend I immediately wanted to try out different styles and patterns. I’d searched for white spotty tights but unfortunately couldn’t find them so settled for black instead. these also look amazing under the denim dress and bumblebee top!


Copper wire fairy lights £4

I decided not to go crazy in the homware section this time and thankfully managed to hold back from re-doing my bedroom with so many lovely pieces. These wire lights are perfect for wrapping round curtain poles and jazzing up any area. Considering they are copper too I had to buy them!


Accessories wise I picked up some essentials that I always top up on whilst there. I especially loved the glittery design on the elastic bobbles; my plaits will look extra summer from now on!


Rings £1, Choker £2

Primark rings are my favourite to wear and dress up my photos with, they are so well priced so I don’t get too worried about loosing one and they always have the prettiest designs. I picked these ones up for a wedding I’m attending on Saturday. I was also curious to see if I could pull of this choker or not for casual wear.


Chroming nails £2

Last but not least I picked up a pair of fake nails. I’ve never tried Primark nails before so was keen to test them out, I’ll let you all know on my twitter what I think later on in the week!

Thank you for getting through my mammoth haul, and well done if you are still here!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?


9 Replies to “Primark Haul”

  1. I’ve never been so envious of a Primark haul before. I have literally screenshotted all of this and added it to my ‘things to buy album’!!!
    I love the denim dress and the belt and for them prices as well is a no brainer!! Also that green skirt looks gorgeous, I want more staple pieces like that in my wardrobe so I definitely need to get over to Primark before everything goes. And also before this comment gets way too long, I’ve been looking for one of them chokers for a cheap price for AGES now so I’m in desperate need to go to Primark.
    So yes, I absolutely loved this post!
    Kate Xxx

  2. My ‘things to buy album’ has gotten so much smaller since the Primark trip, it’s amazing at the moment! I’m going to do a few look book posts on how to style the denim dress and hopefully the skirt too! Thank you for showing this so much love!
    Zara Xxx

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