dsc_4009With a new year I often like to switch things up a bit such as my bedroom, my makeup or even my fashion picks. This time round, When Jerome Russell BBlonde got in touch I figured it was the perfect opportunity to switch up my hair routine.

Jerome Russell BBlonde produces various different hair products for blonde hair including dyes, toners and sprays. I decided to their Silverising Shampoo and Conditioner a shot in the hope that it would give my hair a healthy glow after months of dull weather.

At first use I was slightly surprised by the colour of the product and had to double-check the bottle to ensure that my hair wasn’t going to end up the electric purple shade of the shampoo itself. As much as I love the look of violet hair I was after a more natural, sun-kissed look! Another thing that I was surprised about is that the instructions guide you to leave the shampoo in for 5 minutes. Usually I’d do this step with conditioner so it’s really important to thoroughly read the back of the bottle first.


As for the actual product itself, both the Shampoo and Conditioner have a lovely, fresh scent and even though the colour of the product is very bright there was no purple stains left in my hair or the shower.

After 8 weeks of use I can happily say that I am pleased with the outcome from this wonder pair. My hair felt quite dry and damaged throughout winter and now feels and looks much more nourished and silky. After every use my hair almost matched the feeling after stepping out of a hairdressers.

As for the main promise from the products I was pleased with the results I’d expected. Considering I have virgin hair (non dyed/highlighted hair) the finished results weren’t going to be as strong as they would be on someone who has dyed or highlighter hair. However, I am still really happy with how my hair turned out and definitely saw a difference in my natural highlights, the shampoo and conditioner definitely enhanced them, creating the appearance that I’d been on holiday somewhere in the sun.

Overall I’d thoroughly recommend giving something a go from Jerome Russell BBlonde. I’m going to give my Mum a shot of the Shampoo and Conditioner to see how the results are on someone with highlighted, blonde hair.

Have you tried anything from BBlonde or any similar products?


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