dsc_4082I haven’t yet done a ‘Eye Makeup Favourites’ or even a ‘Makeup Favourites’ before on my blog because in all honesty, I genuinely stick to the same products I know I love. Mostly, I’ll buy a foundation, use it up, then buy a new one. Repeat, and so on and so on. Recently, I’ve been making an effort to experiment more with eye makeup. With all the different colours and textures living in my makeup collection I’ve decided to find others that I love as well as my Morphe palettes.

I’ve successfully found a few new items to write about today in my ‘current eye makeup favourites’ as well as a few things I’ve stuck by that are now gems in my collection.


Charlotte Tilbury The Rock Chick
The Rock Chick by Charlotte Tilbury is the perfect quad for the perfect smokey eye! It’s grey, matte and shimmery tones can create various different looks to last throughout the day. It’s a recent discovery if mines and much more practical for on the go compared to my many, larger palettes. I’m not going to write much more as I have a full review coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Barry M Dazzle Dust in Crimson
This is already one of my favourite products of 2017 and I only received it this week! I saw a picture on Twitter of it being used in a makeup look and instantly fell in love with the shade! It’s pink tones are perfect for summer and last all day, adding a gorgeous, glitzy look to the eye. You can apply it thinly for a natural look or go wild, and glam ready to shine all night! For just £4.50 you can’t go wrong with these little pots of wonder.


Clinique Skinny Sticks

I received these for Christmas alongside a few other Clinique products and didn’t get round to properly trying them out until recently. They were quite tricky to use but once I got my head around them they created gorgeous, natural assets to my eyeshadow, perfect for smudging out. My favourite out of the two is the brown shade as it’s lovely and subtle for everyday looks yet still adds dimension to my eyes.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 

After an allergic reaction resulting in super dry eyes I turned to many different eye creams to bring back the moisture. The one that made a clear statement to my eyes is the Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream and I have used it ever since, morning and night. It gave visible results in less than 24 hours, proving to be extremely moisturising and hydrating which is especially great for these colder months. It also helps to eliminate dark circles which is always a bonus! Overall, it’s a great all round eye cream definitely worth the buy!

False lashes

It may come as a surprise considering my love of eyeshadow but I’ve only worn false lashes a handful of times, all of which have been single lashes. Full strip lashes have never looked natural on me, which may be because of my small eyes. For the few times I have worn them though, I’ve really loved how individual lashes look, especially how you can create natural, fluttery looks without them looking ‘fake’. I have recently ordered lots of lashes to try out might post a first impressions and review!

That’s all for now on my current eye favourites although I’m sure I’ll find something new and exciting to write all about soon! In the meantime, what eye products have you been loving recently?

Charlotte Tilbury Rock Chick

Barry M dazzle Dust Crimson

CliniqueSkinny Sticks

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

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  1. I’m absolutely dying to try something from Charlotte tilbury and the rock chick looks absolutely amazing and I really love the shades! Would make a perfect smokey eye x

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