The Morphe 35F had been on my makeup wish list since I’d first laid eyes on it. I was constantly checking back on my emails to see if there was any sign of notice but remained on the ‘Wait List’ for what felt like forever. Morphe products and brushes hit selected UK stores last year after their popularity in America caused such high demand over here. I’d been eager to try one of their products for a while but because of all the love and demand, lots of products were quite often sold out. So it was tricky to get my hands on the 35F Fall In To Frost Palette. Fortunately, one December morning, I eventually managed to order one of the 35F palettes as it came back in stock for Christmas. I couldn’t fault BeautyBay for their delivery; my palette arrived the day after my order.


The palette has a gorgeous range of shades, with 35 in total consisting of 28 shimmers and 7 mattes, there’s no doubt about there being a shade fit for every occasion! One of the best parts about it is that it costs only £20. I’d call this a bargain considering the quality of the shades are comparable to ones from brands such as Urban Decay and Makeup Geek.


The formula of the shimmers are exceedingly pigmented, a quick swipe leaves a dazzling, metallic like shine, of which you’d expect from a foiled shadow. As for the matte shades, they aren’t as pigmented as the shimmers yet still blend beautifully and show up true to their colour.To further enhance the colour pay off, I’ve found using a damp brush does so nicely, similarly does a few sprays of Mac Prep and Prime.

Although, It’s fair to say that if shimmery shadows aren’t your thing then this palette probably isn’t the one for you, however there are plenty others to choose from.

dsc_3630The first row offers a range of warm toned shimmers that are perfect for not only the eyes but highlighting proud the face too! I have done so using the first shade (first on the left) and received many compliments! The last 3 shades in particularly beautiful for making blue eyes stand out!

dsc_3643The second row offers a range of darker, brown and green toned shimmers. All of these shades work well with a more natural look, particularly the fifth shade from the left, a more subtle champagne gold.

dsc_3657The 3rd row, and my favourite of the lot, consists of bright cranberry and copper toned shades. This row looks perfect for Autumn but will equally be gorgeous all year round. The first bronze shade compliments my blue eyes so well, much the same as the berry toned shades which pair so well with the warm toned mattes in row 5.

dsc_3659The last row of shimmers holds a darker selection off shimmers. The purple tones and browns are perfect for a smokey look. The gold is what I would class as my ‘perfect gold’. It applies so brightly and will be perfect for parties and events!

dsc_3670The last row consists of 7 matte shades ranging form a peachy nude to a charcoal black. The shades didn’t show up incredibly pigmented in the swatch but on the eye only requires a small amount. The third, orange toned brown shade is a perfect transition shade to add warmth to any look. Overall the last row gives a good selection of shades, similar to ones in the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.

The only down side to this palette is that it doesn’t contain a mirror, for on the go i feel this palette would really benefit from a mirror as well as shade names for better descriptions.

All in all I would highly recommend purchasing a Morphe palette, and can do so here.

Do you own any Morphe products or have any on your wish list? If so which one?


16 Replies to “Morphe 35F Palette Review & Swatches”

  1. Ahhhhh I really want to try the morphe palettes! I love the UD naked palettes, and wouldn’t stray from them most the time, but I am loving the look of this! I’m going to have to convince mum on my birthday for it aha!

    Katie |

  2. I absolutely love this palette! I think the third row are my favourites too! Don’t own any morphe products but I want a number of their eyeshadow palettes!

    Amina xx |

  3. The third row is just wonderful! I’d definitely recommend getting a Morphe palette if you can! For the quality and price I don’t think you can find anything much better! x

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