Another year over and like always, it has whizzed by! Looking back, 2016 has been an incredible year. I have explored new places such as Morocco, formed new friendships and met some inspiring people, faced and overcome challenges, tried new things and activities which I have grown to love and started this new community where I can write about what I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to carry everything on in 2017 and paint this blank canvas in to a wonderful, memorable year!

I have some exciting things lined up for the year ahead, and have started by compiling some resolutions and goals to reach for and achieve throughout the year.

I’ve decided to share my resolutions to inspire others and to look back on over time.

To carry on blogging more often. So far, I have been loving blogging and hope to do it more often in the new year. I aim to blog at least once a week, producing more content and improving my photos as well. Hopefully doing so will grow this community.

Look after myself more. There’s many ways in which I wish to look after myself more in 2017. I’m going to try to drink more water as well as take time to have a better skin care routine. I’m also going to try and keep fit by adding weekly yoga to my routine.

Improve my positivity. I am often one to over think situations so I want to become more positive about possible outcomes whilst generally trying to worry less. Reading through many of the uplifting and inspirational quotes I’ve pinned on Pinterest I find is a great way to boost positivity.

Control my Anxiety. With lots of exciting things lined up for 2017, including a trip to London with friends, I’m going to try to not let my anxiety stop me from doing the things I love. By saying yes to more things I can try new things and improve my happiness and lifestyle.

Read more. I have already improved the amount of reading I do this year but want to make even more time in 2017 for getting stuck in to a good book. I especially want to try to swap sitting on my phone or laptop for reading before bed.

My only goal is really to just have a great year! I hope I can look back this time next year and have had a really good year filled with wonderful memories and joy.

I wish you all an amazing new year, I’ll be back in January!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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