As a blogger, I’m very fortunate that new and exciting clothing companies often approach me. It’s a wonderful way of not only trying out new brands but also getting to introduce my followers/readers to pieces I know they’ll love. I immediately fell in love with the vibe of Katch Me clothing for not just the Pinterest-worthy items, but also the “ The Katch Up” section of their website. Also named “The K Word”: is a fashion/lifestyle and inspiration hub on their site filled with style tips, Spotify playlists and Spring wardrobe trends. It’s a great way to fuel your fashion loving crazes and browse the newest clothing items dropping on their store. I was kindly gifted 3 items from the “loungewear” section of Katch Me, which are perfect for lockdown lifestyle! 

I’ve paired the first two items together to create this relaxed, street style fit, featuring the Grey Wide Leg Joggers in the style Brie and the Black Turtle Neck Drawstring Waist sweater. Believe me when I say I have never felt joggers so weighted and fleecy as I have with this pair! The thick waistband creates the perfect snug fit around the waist, then the material beautifully cascades down in to a wide, flare style leg. As I mentioned in my recent YouTube video, wide leg joggers have always seemed a lot more dressy to me that regular joggers, so I love that I can style these with a handbag and sweater in a fit like this and appear “put together”! Equally, they’ll provide pure comfort at home with paired with a baggy tee and slippers in the 6/7 days of the week that I’m not getting Instagram content! 

The high neck sweater, with “ROCKMORE” written across the chest, is equally as fleecy inside which is a lovely touch in such thick material, especially during these colder months. The neck is a bit of a tight squeeze, which is both a pro and a con. It’s great looks-wise, as it keeps a nice structure around the neck but just means you need put the sweater on before doing your makeup to avoid smudging! I couldn’t be more in love with this outfit, the neutral tones are so in right now to match the industrial location and the materials are super soft and cosy for maximum warmth for your daily lockdown walk. 

The other item I received is this Beige Ribbed Seam Detail Playsuit in the style “Annabel”. I knew immediately when seeing this on the website that it would be a staple and universal item that would pair beautifully dressed down with trainers or up with heels! I stuck with trainers and went with a more casual look when styling the playsuit, as I wouldn’t have lasted long in heels on my lockdown walk/photo-shoot! The playsuit is super comfy and easy to zip up with the back detailing. I especially love the bust detailing to add a little detail to such a minimalistic outfit. I received this in a size 8, which fit perfectly! I’d say if you are stuck in between sizes then to choose the larger of the two, as a little extra room can never harm with such a tight fitting clothing item. You can also find this on the website with a zip neck finish or in white, both of which are also beautiful! 

Overall, I’ve been so impressed with the delivery time, service and most importantly, the clothing from Katch Me! If you’re online shopping to help get yourself through lockdown like me, or just need some new pieces for your wardrobe, then I’d definitely give Katch Me a browse.

Love Zara x

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