A whole pink fridge purely dedicated to keeping skincare products cool? Yep. Despite being the perfect size for a bedside can of coke, a skincare fridge is the simplest, most aesthetically pleasing addition to jazz up any room and skincare routine. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t initially inclined to pick one up just so I could finally have somewhere to stick all of my Glossier stickers but this little pink box has actually become a bit of a game-changer!

I picked this one up from Boots in the late, late Christmas sales in February but only recently finished enhancing it. A handful of the stickers I designed myself using ProCreate and can be found as sticker sets on my Red Bubble for £1.69 here. The other stickers are ones I’d collected for a while just waiting to be homed on a fridge like this.

So, what goes in?

Any gel product – there’s nothing more reviving than cold aloe vera gel to the skin in the morning, trust me!

Eye cream – cool eye creams will banish under eye bags much more effectively

Facial sprays/mists – think Mario Badescu

Balms – Vaseline is a big yes, but any oil-based balms should stay out, unless you want them to solidify. 

Face masks – the LUSH ones instruct to be kept in the fridge. So you can ditch the food fridge and keep them amongst the rest of the skincare family here. 

Jade/Rose Quartz Rollers – if you’re unfamiliar with these then these handheld massage tools reduce puffiness and boost blood circulation all the more effectively when cooled.

Lipsticks – If, like me, you’ve experienced the heartbreak of a melted lipstick then don’t be afraid to pop them in as well. 

What stays out?

Anything clay – A big no-no, particularly clay masks – these will turn in to a clay statue if refrigerated.

Oils – including coconut oil, at low temperatures oil products can risk separating so these are best kept at room temperature.

I’d love to know how you use your skincare fridge if you have one?

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