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Nothing screams “pamper” quite like a face mask does. With so many different finishes and formulas filling our Insta feeds, it’s almost too hard to choose. For so long I figured that the more expensive the better, until I discovered Holler and Glow.

You may recognise the colourful selection of masks as they’re stocked in Primark, somewhere I’m ever so familiar with. Tackling mostly every beauty concern, the masks range from hydrating to rejuvenating, and not just for your face. Holler and Glow have spoiled us for choice on pamper evenings, creating masks for our hair, hands and feet too! *puts them on all on at once* The masks range from £3-4 each, meaning less damage to the purse and pamper sessions more often!

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing out a bundle of different masks and formulas, from hair masks to the insta-famous bubble mask which the Holler and Glow team kindly sent over.  Here’s my thought on these pockets of wonder.

You’re Pawsome Sheet Mask – £3

To go with the adorable Puppy print on this sheet mask, comes the promise of an instant energising boost. It’s like a smoothie packed with goodness for the skin, containing avocado extract, mango, cucumber extract and so many other natural ingredients. Ensuring my skin was clean beforehand, I placed on the funky looking mask and one friends episode later, my skin was feeling fresh, and boosted with life, yet a little bit slimey. However, instead of washing your face immediately after removing a sheet mask, it’s always important to spend time patting in all the excess product to ensure your skin soaks up all of the remaining goodness.

Stone Coal Sober Bubble Mask – £3

This mask I was particularly excited to test after seeing the bubble mask craze all over social media, there’s something about a mask bubbling up to a cloud that’s just so appealing. Containing charcoal, tomato and apple extract, it promises  to purify and wash away your skin’s sins. (if you’ve every slept with makeup on then this one is for you) Over 15 minutes, I watched this mask foam up, forming a little white cloud on my face, taking many selfies as it did. I wouldn’t go as far as to say this mask purified my skin, however for the excitement of the bubbling effect and how soft my skin felt afterwards, I’ll still be picking it up when I’m next in Primark.  You can see my video using the mask on Instagram @whatzaraloves

Rainbow Chaser Iridescent Peel Off Mask – £3

I’d previously tried a handful of peel off masks from Holler and Glow so couldn’t wait to test out the Rainbow Chaser iridescent pink mask. It has the finish of a strawberry gloss Krispy Kreme doughnut and contains vitamin B3 and E, exactly what my skin loves! My favourite way to use this mask was to apply a layer under my eyes whilst doing my ye makeup, this way, the mask caught any fall out product and left me with a smooth base underneath for the following base makeup. I’d recommend leaving this mask on for around 25 minutes to ensure you get that satisfying peel at the end.

Fried Out Replenishing Hair Sheet Mask – £4

I’d always refrained from trying out any hair masks before testing out these, questioning how couldn’t they could really be. But believe me when I say I was incredibly wrong!  I was sceptical at first as I sat looking crazy with my hair wrapped up in a mask with lots of tiny fries wrapped around it, however the results were wonderful thanks to the enriched coconut oil. It was a lengthy process to sit through as the mask did it’s magic, but after 20 minutes it unveiled luscious locks, giving that ‘after the hairdressers’ feel after I’d washed the remaining product out of my hair. If you’re treating yourself to an at home pamper session then be sure to include one of these and you’ll be swishing your hair around for days.

I’d love to know if you’ll be picking up any Holler and Glow masks when you’re next in Primark or if you’ve tried any before?






49 Replies to “Holler and Glow – Sheet Mask Galore*”

  1. Oh girl, I love mask I do, and these look like some good ones to try (especially the bubble mask)! Thank you for sharing! x Ain

  2. these are absolutely adorable. I think I may have to go over to our local primark and get me some of these soon ^^
    And a big plus that they are good for the budget too <3

  3. It’s such a big plus that they’re affordable and means pamper nights can occur more often, let me know which one you try x

  4. These look absolutely adorable! I love that they offer hair and face masks so you can take care of both at once, the prices also are pretty good given that the product seems so reliable. Thanks for sharing, we also share the same name! xx

  5. Having both types of masks is great, I’m glad no one came to the door whilst I had them both on though! So cool that we share the same name too, thank you Zara xx

  6. I haven’t seen these before but they look and sound fab! Would love to try the hair mask as mine could do with a bit of TLC at the moment. Will look out for these next time I’m out shopping. Great post thanks for sharing😃

    Melanie |

  7. With them being so affordable they’re the perfect addition to a TLC night, I’m sure you’ll see great results with the hair mask x

  8. These all sound amazing and the packaging is so cute!! The bubble mask definitely sounds like something I need, will have to pick some up next time I’m in Primark! Xx

  9. Isn’t the packaging just amazing!? Definitely give one of the masks a go, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed xx

  10. Face masks are so good for you. Glad you got to have a collaboration – these masks are so cute with the naming convention while being packed with some skin-loving ingredients. I need to check out the bubble mask because I am a big fan of feeling those reactions, haha. Yum, that finisher of the rainbow chaser sounds sweet XD. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).

  11. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and are a big lover of face masks too! Let me know what you think of the bubble mask if you give it a go 🙂 x

  12. My skin is really not being kind to me lately, so I could definitely use a pamper! These masks all sound amazing I’m definitely going to pick some up next time I’m in Primark xx

  13. Oooh I’ll definitely have to try and find these next time I’m in Primark! I love a face mask. I’m not a fan of the peel off ones, but I’d happily try any of the others, hair masks can work wonders!- x

  14. There’s such a large selection of sheet masks which I’m sure you’d love, there’s no fuss with them, simply on and off with glowing skin in 20 minutes! x

  15. Wow – I love the unicorn packaging, it’s so cute! The colours for the other packaging are gorgeous too – I’ve been getting into face masks again recently, so will definitely have to check these out next time I’m out. I’ve never tried a hair mask either, it sounds really interesting though and especially with saying how well it worked for you!


  16. I hadn’t expected such impressive results with the hair mask, you won’t be disappointed if you give one a go! x

  17. fab pictures Zara. I always struggle to find facemasks that work for my skin and that I actually like but for £3 these sound like they are definitely worth giving a go, you have completely sold Holler and Glow to me lol, great post as usual girl, xxx

  18. Thank you Caitlin, such great feedback knowing I’ve won you over with Holler and Glow, you certainly won’t regret giving a few face masks a shot! xx

  19. I love a good face mask! The Primark ones are so good for the price. I really like the unicorn one (cannot remember the name haha). I would love to try the Stone Coal Sober bubble mask – I have never used anything like that before! K xx (

  20. The unicorn one is wonderful! You’ll need to try the Charge It platinum range if you like the Unicorn one, the blue sapphire one is super cool! x

  21. I love the Holler and Glow masks from Primark they’re so affordable and great quality! I’ve never seen the hair masks before though so I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for one of those to try! Me and my Fiancé both tested the Holler and Glow masks before (yes a grown man wearing a sheet mask it was quite funny to see) but the results were so worth it! I also have to admit I’m terrible for sleeping in my makeup so I think I need that bubble mask!

    Jess //

  22. Thank you Jess, aren’t they just great! You and your fiancé must have had great fun trying them out, it’s always such a funny experience doing facemasks with someone else! The bubble mask will make up for all your nights slept in makeup! xx

  23. These are the cutest facemask I have ever seen! I am so glad I read this post, i have never heard of these before and I have never used a bubble mask! So I will be definitely picking one up next time I go to Primark!! x

  24. I’m so glad to have introduced you to such a cool brand, hopefully you love the masks just as much as I did! x

  25. I love pampering myself with face masks, and the packaging from this brand is bloody brilliantly, so insta worthy! I don’t tend to do hair masks as often as I should so may implement it in to my weekly routine! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Charlene McElhinney

  26. The packaging is so eye-catching, it’s what reeled me in to trying out Holler and Glow in the first place! Definitely give a hair mask a go, you won’t regret it! x

  27. I love face masks! They are so much fun!

    I really want to try that bubble mask! I have seen it everywhere (YouTube & Instagram).
    Sucks that it didn’t really work, but who cares… because it’s bubbles! yay!

  28. Would never have thought to look in primark for beauty products as I have super sensitive skins but these are super cute!!!

  29. I have sensitive skin too and have been using these masks since last year without no reaction! Super cute and affordable! x

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